Top Reasons to Get Custom Lighting at Your Event

Lights plus camera equals action! We’re proud of the photo booths we rent out, but did you know we do custom lighting too? And did you know that custom lighting can completely transform an event? If you want to have the perfect wedding, you’ll need custom lighting to tailor-fit it to your specifications. Here is just some of the magic that custom lighting can work for you.

Transform the Setting

Moonlight doesn’t always cooperate, and sunlight can sometimes come on too strong. And what if you want the sun-speckled feeling of a summer forest, but don’t have the trees?

Well, we’ve got some ideas for you! Fill the room the cool blue of a summer evening or dappled greens reminiscent of an enchanted forest. If you’ve got a theme, then custom lighting is necessary to ultimately realize the effect.

Transform the Mood

With certain events—weddings and dances, especially—everyone comes into them with differing ideas on what they should be like. Some might come in expecting a sober, stately affair, while others are expecting a time to cut loose. You can set the tone with custom lighting, whether bright tones that invigorate, flushed tones that hush, or dark lights that bring out the nightlife partiers in all of us. Don’t let people guess what they’re supposed to do—give them some cues!

Make Photo Opportunities

Maybe your venue already has great lighting for your event. That might be mostly true, but uniformly lit places often mess up one special facet: photos. If you’re already renting a photo booth from us, maybe that isn’t such a problem. But for many, their venue doesn’t have a place with proper lighting for pictures. Pictures are super important to many events, so make sure you’re keeping them in mind!

Directing Traffic—and Attention

There’s another very practical problem that custom lighting can solve for you. Does your venue have a hall or corner that’s employees only? Is there a kind of “dead zone” in the venue that won’t be used? Well, lighting (and the lack thereof) can make it perfectly clear to attendees where you do and don’t want them going—a sign can redirect them, sure, but with proper lighting, they may not even realize the off-limits section was there!

Use custom lights to direct attention as well as traffic. Dim the reception area as dinner gets ready and people will forget about it until the lights come back on. Illuminate the stage for the big moment and people will all take notice. Coordinating a party can be a herculean task—made all the easier with custom lighting!

So Why Not Use Custom Lighting?

With all these benefits, of course you’ll want custom lighting to help your event go off without a hitch! Click on the “Hire Us” option in the upper-right of your browser or call us at 407-748-7669 to find out how we can improve your event!