Liven Up Your 4th of July with Sound Sensation Entertainment

Get creative with Sound Sensation Entertainment this 4th of July! Our event enhancing services can provide party hosts with a number of game-changing party accessories that are sure to liven up your Independence Day party! Here are a few things Sound Sensation can provide for you as a host:

Photo Booths


Sound Sensation offers photo booths for partygoers, but they don’t just leave the offer there. Sound Sensation has special effects, like a green screen, that can make you and your friends appear almost anywhere. Party hosts can also choose from photo booth options such as an open-air backdrop, an enclosed photo booth, or the green screen mentioned before. Custom trimmings of photos and costume pieces are also an added plus to your photo booth!



Sound Sensation Entertainment has the ability to create a mood or tone specifically to your liking with the lighting options we offer. For example, maybe you want the lighting to reflect the fireworks often seen at 4th of July celebrations! Sound Sensation can provide you certain colors and effects that would reflect that. Other lighting options include strung lights that create more of an intimate feeling. Regardless of which option you go with, you can trust that the lighting will create a magical ambiance for you and your guests!



Want some bumpin’ tunes or a charismatic personality to host the night? Perfect! Sound Sensation Entertainment has this available to you! State of the art equipment is used to ensure that the music and sound quality is excellent, while an extensive song list ensures that guests never get bored on the dance floor. So, if dancing is something you want for this Fourth of July, we’ve got what it takes to keep a party going!

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