Top Events Where You NEED a DJ

There are many factors that contribute to a good party. Of course, food is of the utmost importance. You could argue that good company is an important consideration as well. But the single most important aspect that will lead to a memorable party is great music. This is what brings people together and sets the mood for any occasion. Having your very own private DJ is the best way to bring the music to you and your friends, and oftentimes having one can be the true draw of a party! Obviously, not every party requires a DJ; but, there are some events where one is an absolute necessity! Here are just a few of those events!


This is a big one. Bands are always a great option for these events, but they simply do not offer the variety of music that a DJ can. Perhaps one moment the mood calls for an Irish jig, and the next calls for a top 50 billboard pop song. If you can find a band that covers these two extremes in the spectrum, you should get their business card! But you can be sure that the DJ will provide these tunes with incredible efficiency. The song for the bride and groom’s first dance will be flawless, the obligatory playing of “Shout” will be seamless, and everything in between will be perfect for establishing the mood and bringing the energy up.


Graduation from any level of schooling is always a reason to celebrate with friends and family, and nothing quite says celebrate better than the song “Celebrate” when played by your own private DJ. Dancing is one of the most fun and interesting ways that we interact and celebrate with each other. If the music is lackluster, you can bet that the festivities as a whole will be lackluster. That is why it is a great idea to have a DJ that can play just about anything that you and your friends might want to hear.


Have you ever been to birthday without music? Or perhaps there is music, but the selection is all over the place and nobody is too sure how to feel and act at a given moment. The discomfort that comes with these dilemmas are a thing of the past when you have a DJ at your birthday. One of the great skills of a good DJ is reading the crowd and knowing what the right thing to play is at any given moment. The importance of this cannot be overstated, as it has been the catalyst for success for oh so many birthday celebrations.

To be honest, there are virtually no events that would not benefit from a good DJ. So, the next time you are celebrating a graduation, wedding, or a Wednesday, make sure you have your very own DJ to ensure it will be a night to remember.