5 Party Fouls to Avoid at Your Reception

Your whole life has been leading to this moment. You’ve said your “I do’s”, walked down the aisle, signed the marriage license, and now what? It’s time to party! Your wedding reception should be the most fun you’ve ever had, a true celebration of you and your new spouse’s love for each other. However, many couples are budget conscious and skimp on key things that will truly make the wedding reception amazing. For a guaranteed good time, be sure to avoid these five party fouls when planning your reception.

Not Booking a DJ?

Why shell out cash for a DJ when your cousin has a perfectly good iPod? Well, a good list of tunes can make or break the dance party and should be left to the professionals. A great DJ can read the room and pump the crowd up when the dancing starts to die down or slow things down to make sure the grandparents can dance to a song or two. Leave the music to the DJ and you can focus on having a great time!

Having a Cash Bar

These days, it just isn’t a wedding without an open bar. Although the reception is a party for the bride and groom, it is hosting 101 to make sure that guests can enjoy a cocktail (or two!) without having to break out their wallet. If an open bar just isn’t in your budget, perhaps consider skipping alcohol altogether, or just having a champagne toast. It is just bad manners to have guests pay for their own drinks.

Long Break Between Ceremony and Reception

If you are planning your ceremony and reception at different venues, be sure that they are within a reasonable distance. No one wants to wait several hours and a long car ride later between the end of the ceremony and the beginning of the party! If the ceremony and the reception are being held in the same venue, make sure the cocktail hour is just that—an hour. Hungry guests don’t make for a fun reception!

Not Having a Timeline

Not only is a DJ in charge of the music, but they are also the emcee for the evening and can make sure that everything runs smoothly all night long, so all you have to worry about is having a great time! From introducing the bride and groom, walking everyone through the buffet line, and gathering guests for the cake cutting, your DJ will make sure that no one misses out on the fun!

Skipping on Customized Lighting

Although it may seem like a splurge, having customized lighting at your reception is an easy to way make the night special. You can customize your reception with uplighting that reflects the wedding colors, or have your names and wedding date projected onto the dance floors. These small touches will wow your guests!