Tips for Planning a Quinceañera

One of the best things about living in our country in this age is the blending of cultures. The separation between cultural and religious celebrations has become blurred over time. Sweet 16 birthdays are celebrated by all nationalities, girls can now look forward to a bat mitzvah, and the Quinceañera, a traditional coming of age ceremony for 15-year-old Latina girls, is rapidly becoming a thing for all nationalities! You can never have too many parties—at least, that is our feeling—so if you’re thinking that 15 deserves a special acknowledgement, here are some tips for planning your daughter’s Quinceañera.

Saying Yes to the Dress

As in most every important event, the dress is where it all begins! In a Quinceañera, the dress is always a formal one, but the color is what makes it special and what makes the guest of honor stand out in the photo booth pics that all the guests will stand in line for their chance to make silly! Flamingo pinks, cherry reds, even vibrant purples make your special 15-year-old feel even more so!

Much Like a Bride

A colorful bouquet of flowers is important to the celebration; this bouquet is supposed to symbolize the first of many flowers the young girl, who is now considered a woman, will receive. Incorporating the bouquet into the photo booth pictures will help preserve the memories for years to come.


A group of young men dressed in tuxes accessorized with the birthday girl’s colors are her escort at this event. The first dance will be a choreographed one, so once the music is chosen, be sure and get in touch with our DJ’s to ensure that song is first on his playlist!

The Last Doll

In Spanish, la última muñeca symbolizes the girl is now a woman. After admiring the doll, the birthday girl is to pass it on to a younger sibling or other relative. She is a woman now and toys are a part of her past. Sitting under a spotlight as she receives the gift, the lighting we provide will enhance this teary moment.

A Magical Night

Lighting, music, and of course, the photo booth will combine to create a night full of laughter, tears, and magic. Match the lighting to the celebrant’s dress, or decorate the ballroom with a mass of twinkle lights; your little girl is now a woman and this night will be one to remember!

Making Every Event a Special One

You don’t have to be celebrating an anniversary, a wedding, or your daughter’s Quinceanera to retain our services; any event can be made to feel like a milestone one when an event planner in Orlando like Sound Sensation Entertainment is a part of the celebration! Schedule an appointment with us today to discover what the difference can be!