Planning Your Christmas Party

With Halloween in the rearview mirror, it’s time to plan for the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas in Orlando, of course! And, with family coming to town, and friends demanding your undivided attention, it’s time to get those Christmas party plans underway! However, right about now is when you may be beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed, so we’re here to tell you, “Relax! We’ve got this!” All you need to do is sit back and follow our lead!

The Theme Has Already Been Determined – Or Has It?

Yes, we know it’s Christmas in Orlando and you’ll probably have mistletoe and tinsel, but have you considered throwing a ugly sweater party? Your guests can dress up as the ugliest sweaters they can find, while enjoying some tasty egg nog! The photo booth props can include Santa hats, large candy canes, and fake presents to ensure the theme of your Christmas soiree remains true to the end.

The Music Continues the Mood

The coolest part of having a DJ at your Christmas party is using their knowledge of music to keep the party jumping. Include the soundtracks to your favorite Christmas movies, along with some old-time favorites. If you’re going with the ugly sweater theme, we can throw in some cheesy Christmas songs to complete the affect!

The Lighting Can Make or Break the Mood

Bright lights, Christmas colors, and a cheery glow aren’t the only way to light up your Christmas shenanigans. Our lighting people are experts at creating just the right mood; don’t be afraid to rely on their expertise to help make your shindig the event of the season!

Food and Drink

Ok, we admit it, the food and drink part of the celebration really isn’t our thing, but we’ve been around long enough to know that even the most basic beverages and food can be theme-based just by giving them Christmas-y titles! Santa Tinis, Cream Cheese Penguins, and Santa’s Workshop Gingerbread Houses are just a few of our favorite Christmas treats!

Sound Sensation Entertainment Can Make You the Hostess with the Mostest!

Schedule an appointment with us today and discover how we can help make your Christmas party the most talked about event of the season!