5 Reasons to Get a Photo Booth for your Wedding

Weddings are a celebration, and celebrations at wedding venues in Orlando should be fun! That’s why photo booths are such a popular diversion when people tie the knot—they multiply the fun by a factor of five! Wedding budgets might be tight, but there’s a good reason so many people love to squeeze in a photo booth.

Props Make Instant Fun!

Playing dress-up is no less fun now than when you were a kid (yes, even for the men!). So, if there’s any way to get some someone to let loose and be silly, it’s props. Outrageous glasses and silly hats, fashionable moustaches and holdable captions—the combinations are nigh infinite, and so is the enjoyment!

Making Memories

Photos are one of the best means we have of preserving a moment. To make sure no one forgets your special day, offer them a chance to get a photo of themselves. These will capture the excitement of the night and will last longer than any phone—and may be particularly important for those who might have a hard time remembering what they did!

Extra Entertainment

Not every song on the DJ’s list can be everyone’s favorite. When the music loses people’s interest and the stomachs are full, the photo booth is where people can go for their next diversion at your wedding venue in Orlando, while their appetite’s recover and they jive up for more dancing.


Who goes into a photo booth alone? Everyone wants to enjoy the pleasures mentioned above, but not everyone comes to a wedding with someone. That makes photo booths perfect for pairing people up, and getting people to come out of their shell with at least one other person. If there’s someone chronically single at your wedding or maybe they just don’t know anyone else, the photo booth will be a great place for them to break some ice!

Secret Smooches

If you’re not the bride or groom, displays of affection in such a large event as a wedding can be a little off-putting. That’s where the photo booth comes in. The booth gives couples a little moment of privacy where they can steal a few kisses and talk where it’s at least a little quiet. At an event so full of love, everyone should enjoy a private moment!

So, Rent from Us!

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