5 Reasons to Have a Social Wedding Photo Booth for Your Special Day

A wedding is a one of a kind party. They always tend to provide an amazing experience for all of the guests, but a huge part of the value of a wedding is the memories that you take with you for the rest of your life. There are many unique features and activities that can make your wedding that much more unforgettable—one of those features is a social photo booth. Here are the top five reasons that you should have a wedding photo booth for your special day.

It’s Just Fun

When it comes down to it, jumping in the photo booth with friends and family is just fun. Everyone is trying to outdo the silliness of the person next to them. It is essentially a guarantee of great laughs with the people that you love. And when you leave it to the professionals, like those at Sound Sensation Entertainment, you can be sure there will be endless silly props to incorporate into your photos. Take advantage of Sound Sensation’s fun props: your guests will be able to choose between funky hats, masks, signs and sunglasses to express themselves. We also offer a wide selection of photo filters for a unique look and a large variety of backdrops for easy photo customization.

It Brings People Together

One of the interesting things about a wedding is it brings many people together who do not know each other. Oftentimes their only connection is the couple getting married. When there is a photo booth at the wedding, many of these people will find a fun and relaxed way to connect, making the reception more fun for everyone.

It Provides Unique Memories for Everyone

While you are sure to enjoy the actual photographs from the wedding, the pictures that come out of your wedding photo booth are sure to be your most cherished memories. There is nothing better than seeing all the people you care about being goofy together. And each guest gets to keep their photos as well!

It Sets Your Wedding Apart

Many people think that if you have been to one wedding, you have been to all weddings. And to a certain extent this is true, as there are so many wedding traditions that you can count on when attending. That is why it is always so fun and exciting when a wedding breaks from tradition just a little bit. That is exactly what this provides: a break from the chicken dance and bouquet toss to something unique. Make your wedding more special and allow your guests to create a fun animated GIF or boomerang to remember your special day by. The Boomerang feature takes a rapid burst of photos to create an animation and then reverses it. These animations are super easy to share on social media and make for an interactive photo experience!

A Wedding Photo Booth Involves Everyone

Your wedding is about you and the love of your life, but it is also a celebration of the amazing people in your life who have helped you get to this point. When attending a wedding, it is easy to feel a bit out of place. But the social photo booth gives everyone a chance to get in on the fun and truly enjoy themselves! Your guests will be able to share their event memories via email, Facebook or Instagram on the spot! This is possible thanks to our iPad-driven social media booth that has a small footprint and features super stylish backdrops.

Find the Best Social Photo Booth in Orlando

It is not hard to make this amazing feature a part of your wedding. It is as simple as calling Sound Sensation Entertainment at (407) 748-7669. We make everything so easy for you, and while you are it, you can check out our amazing DJ and lighting services as well, which will make your wedding even better! Contact us today and let us help make your wedding as special as you deserve!