Custom Lighting for Weddings


Custom Orlando Event Lighting for Weddings

As we are in the business of putting on amazing events, we see the incredible amount of work that people put into planning their weddings every single day. For us, it is a blessing to be able to be a part of these most important occasions and do our part in making them as fun and memorable as possible. From being in the business for over 15 years, we understand that the lighting at a wedding is an enormous part of the overall experience.


Why You Need Custom Orlando Event Lighting


The lighting at a particular event is an amazing thing because most people will not fully recognize it. But every single person in the room experiences it. Everyone can feel what the lighting is causing them to feel. This is what makes the lighting throughout an event such a game-changer. If you have ever been to a massive concert, you know that the lighting plays just about as big of a role as the sound does. The same is true for a wedding.

Lighting features that seem very simple can go a long way in cultivating a certain vibe or feeling for everyone at a wedding. Firstly, the lighting around the dance floor should be dynamic, offering different vibes for different times. There are many options for LED lighting that borders the room, casting the perfect hue on the reception venue. Projectors can create messages and endless designs wherever you see fit. And of course, strings of yellow bulbs provide an incredibly romantic atmosphere wherever you put them. These are just a few lighting options that can bring a wedding to the next level.


Okay, Okay, But Why Sound Sensation Entertainment?

The simple answer here is that we offer the widest variety of Orlando wedding rentals and lighting solutions implemented with the highest attention to detail. Here at Sound Sensation Entertainment, we understand that the lighting is not simply about the lights themselves, but how the features of your venue are enhanced and accentuated. We have been providing the most beautiful settings for weddings for years and years. Finally, we offer so much more than just lighting. Our additional wedding services allow us to pair the perfect lighting with the right DJ and/or M.C. to ensure every aspect of the wedding is cohesive and seamlessly integrated.

We understand that there is so much planning involved in putting on the perfect wedding. Here at Sound Sensation Entertainment, we pride ourselves on being the people that you can trust to take the lighting of your wedding off of your plate. 15 years of amazing services shows that you can count on us to provide the best Orlando wedding rentals in the industry.

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