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Custom Welcome Screen for Your Photo Booth Rental in Orlando, FL

This event is something you have obviously been planning for a while, and it’s important that even the smallest details are paid attention to. You’ve obsessed over the food, the flowers, the drinks, and the entertainment, what’s wrong with paying some attention to the welcome screen of your photo booth? You could go generic and skip this step altogether, but why would you want to? There’s just something wonderful about walking up to the photo booth and seeing your new name, Mr. & Mrs. John Doe, on your wedding day, or Welcome to Jane’s 21st Birthday, or something about your golden anniversary. It’s your day, it’s your celebration, and we think it should be announced from the skies—or at the very least from the screen of your Sound Sensation Entertainment photo booth!


Customizable, Because There’s Only One You!

Not all photo booths are created equal, and your custom welcome screen for your photo booth rental in Orlando, FL is the first sign that you’ve put a lot of effort into making this celebration perfect. You want the world to know that today is the first day of the rest of your lives together (or how important any other special occasion is to you), and what better way to do that than with a screen that announces your special day to the world.

Are you holding your special celebration at an event place that is holding more than one party? The custom welcome screen is one way to ensure that your guests are in the right place and that unwelcome crashers know that this isn’t their nephew’s bar mitzvah, saving you money and grief. Only the people you invited will be noshing on your food and that silver-wrapped gift at the end of the table will not be a Son’s Blessing silver wall hanging!


It’s All in the Details

When you choose a photo booth rental in Orlando, FL from Sound Sensation Entertainment, you can rest easily knowing we understand the importance of this day and want to be the ones to celebrate the loudest with you. The custom welcome screen is just one way we make it extra special! We can also provide a professional DJ or custom lighting services. No matter what you need, Sound Sensation Entertainment is there to make your party a hit!

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