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Lighting Options

Sound Sensation Entertainment offers different options for lighting in Orlando to set just the right mood for your event. Lighting décor can be used to highlight the best features of a venue and bring life to your special occasion. Our growing selection of lighting services includes the following choices.



LED Uplighting

Uplighting is a dramatic and stunning way to illuminate both indoor and outdoor venues. The technology of LED uplights allows a space to be infused with color and will give you the ability to change hues throughout an event as desired. This means you can fully customize your lighting in Orlando for any color palate to match your specific theme and desired ambience. These fixtures are one of the most cost-effective outdoor lighting Orlando techniques and can be used even in locations where there is limited power.




Gobo Monogram

Displaying a gobo monogram is the unique practice of projecting a custom name or logo with light. This is oftentimes a great solution for couples looking to honor their new nuptials at a wedding reception or companies that wish to market their brand at a business event. Monograms can be projected onto the wall, dance floor, or ceiling of your venue.




Market Lighting

Market lighting is a classic and elegant method for brightening up inside and outside events. These strings of lights help to make any venue look more inviting and warm and can be hung as creatively as your mind can envision. They can be suspended over a dance floor, draped from tree to tree, attached to the outline of a structure, and much more. You can also cover the globes with lanterns to increase the magical effect.


Sound Sensation Entertainment will work with you to create a personalized lighting display that sets your event apart and makes it as memorable as possible. You can count on our knowledge and experience to help you decide which light rentals in Orlando are the best for your special occasion.

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